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Top 10 Best Streaming Apps

Because the popularity of streaming services is increasing, it's no wonder that more and more similar services are popping up. As users of streaming services, of course we have more platform choices. Well, here we provide a list of the top 10 best streaming apps that you can choose from.

You Can Use XtremeHD

This IPTV service is very affordable with more than 20,000 streaming channels and VOD. This best streaming apps is also equipped with an EPG TV Guide that can navigate through the broadcast schedule so you can know when to watch your favorite shows. XtremeHD is also equipped with anti-freeze technology.

Youtube TV: The Most Popular Choice for Streaming

Youtube has been the best streaming apps free for years. The platform is also one of the best streaming apps for Android. The difference with the usual Youtube platform, Youtube TV requires users to pay a subscription fee. Currently, Youtube TV has 85+ channels on its platform. You can also record and store that content indefinitely and get six accounts.

Netflix: The Pioneer of Streaming

Netflix is ​​the pioneer of the streaming platform. Currently, Netflix is ​​the top 10 best streaming apps. You will also need to register and pay a subscription fee to be able to access viewing on Netflix.

You Should Also Try Sling TV

Sling TV is the oldest streaming service. Sling TV is the cheapest streaming platform. You can watch various channels with 4k resolution. There are also channel features like Showtime, Starz and others there.

You Can Also Try Apple TV+

Apple not only excels in the hardware field, but also in streaming services. The Apple TV+ service allows you to share one subscription with five other members. You can also download your favorite shows to watch offline.

Do You Know about Hulu Plus Live TV?

Hulu Plus is still fairly new to the streaming platform industry. However, the Hulu service is quite able to compete with other streaming platforms so it becomes one of the best streaming apps. There are 65+ channels that you can watch there by combining them through the Hulu-approved content library. You can also stream on multiple devices at once and record content with up to 50 hours of storage.

HBO Max: One of The Best Streaming Platforms You Can Try

HOB has been one of the entertainment platforms before streaming services took over the market. There are many good networks on HBO. With HBO Max, you can access HBO original content and exclusive Warner Bros Studios and DC Comics content.

Acorn TV: The Platform from England

Acorn TV brings the best of British drama, mystery and comedy content to audiences around the world. Although the interface is still not very good, the quality of the content is worth it.

CBS All Access Can Also Be The Best Streaming Choice

CBS is actually quite similar to HBO, but CBS focuses on family viewing. CBS is the home of Star Trek Discovery and Picard. Are you interested in trying it?

Direct TV is Very Suitable for You Who Like to Watch Sports Broadcasts

The cheapest cost of this platform can provide more than 160 channels. If you like sports, you must subscribe to this platform because you can watch many live broadcasts of your favorite sports in high resolution.

Those are the top 10 best streaming apps in the world. So, which streaming platform are you interested to try?

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